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Tuesday 6 April 2010

Tannenberg 1410

I have been working on the preparation for our next display game over the holiday weekend. This will be Tannenberg, the epic encounter between the Teutonic Knights and the Polish/Lithuanian army in 1410. The show will be the excellent Carronade at Falkirk on 8 May. The handout is completed and on the club web site.

For the game we will be using 28mm figures and WAB rules. I am pleased to say that we appear to have almost all the troops required between me and Andy McGreary with support from Bob Low's Rus and a few of George Dick's Hussites. Yes there were Czech mercenaries (including Jan Zizka) and three banners of Russians from Smolensk on the Polish/Lithuanian side.

I did struggle to find Polish banners and had to resort to Mirliton. So I hope the postal service from Italy is good. While on their web site I purchased a few figures for the period that might make it if painting time allows.

With around 5000 points a side it should make a good display even if the battle is a bit more complex than I remembered before reading the Osprey campaign book. Mind you I am going to need a few more trees!
Below are my Hinchcliffe Teutonic kinights. Despite their age the quality (great animation) is nearly as good as my more modern Gripping Beast figures - although less chunky.


  1. Good stuff, I'd really like to see this game. We will be at Carronade as well with a 25mm Tactica II game for Zama, "we" being the Phoenix Club for the Society of Ancients.

    Hope to see you there.

    1. Hi

      What figurines for Poles in 28 mm?

      Best wishes