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Sunday 25 July 2010

French Tanks of WW2

Just back from holiday in France. A number of visits will feature in blogs in the coming days.

One highlight was my first visit to the French tank museum (Musee des Blindes) at Saumur. This is the French version of Bovington and it is well worth a visit if you are in the Loire region. Saumur has been the home of the French cavalry since 1763, when Louis XV reorganised the French cavalry and formed the cavalry school there.

Here are a few of the more unusual French WW2 tanks that were new to me at least. Starting with a prototype tank the ACG1.

Then a 47mm anti-tank gun.

Then then museum's collection of more familiar early WW2 tanks. Starting with the Renault B1

Then the R35


The H39

The Panhard Armoured Car

and the AMR 33

Finally the 25mm ATG

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