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Monday 27 September 2010

FoG Renaissance

Start of the new club year and the first round of the FoG competition yesterday. My Byzantines did not do well last year but surprised me with a comfortable win over an Alexandrian Macedonian army. I managed to avoid all those long pointed sticks and won the key cavalry battles, with it has to be said, some generous luck with the dice.

Received my copy of the new FoG Renaissance rules last week together with the first army book. A couple of members were giving them a go on Sunday. So far everyones impression is favourable. The mechanisms are not too far removed from the ancients and the changes appear to be designed to encourage historical formations.

So I am looking forward to dusting down my 15mm renaissance armies that haven't been used since we stopped playing DBR. The first army book hasn't got much Balkan interest, with the exception of the Hungarian/Transylvanian army. This appears to have a bit of everything in it so should make a change from the pike and shot armies. I am planning a trip to Budapest soon, so some time in the army museum will be useful.

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