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Sunday 24 October 2010

FoG Renaissance in Action

First run out today with FoG Renaissance. Of the first army book I could field Austrian Imperial and Translyvanian armies.

The dice gave me the Austrians. Good solid infantry centre with strong cavalry wings of Kurassiers and Hussars. My equally green opponent diced for the Translyvanians led by Bethlen Gabor. Weaker infantry but an array of traditional lancers, armoured cavalry together with mercenary Kurassiers.

The rules encourage historical deployment and we both stuck to this. The light cavalry skirmished on the wings whilst we got to grips with the often subtle differences with the ancients FoG rules. Commanded shot between my Kurassiers worked well against the Szekler and Viteji cavalry. Artillery doesn't move after deployment but was useful in softening up before the infantry got into range. Some poor dice from my opponent at critical moments didn't help and the Austrians swept to victory.

Enjoyed the game and the rules appear to work well. A picture of the statue of Gabor below from my recent trip to Budapest.

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