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Sunday 17 February 2013

Seelowe Nord scenario

Today I fought another stage in the Seelowe Nord campaign. For those not familiar with the concept, this is a 15mm Flames of War campaign based on Andy Johnson's book Seelowe Nord that postulates a German invasion of Britain via the Yorkshire coast.

Today's scenario had a regular British platoon holding a bridge over a large river. They were tasked with holding the bridge until an engineer unit came to blow it up. Of course the engineers never arrived. A German armoured car and a scout platoon arrives and decides on a quick assault. They lost one armoured car to an ATR shot, but otherwise forced the bridge sending the Brits packing. Just as well as a Fallschirmjager platoon landed on their side of the bridge ready to attack their flank.

The bridge taken, a tank platoon trundled over with a Gebirgsjager platoon in support. Together with the paras they assaulted the village held by a Home Guard unit and the retreating regulars. The Home Guard were bundled out of the village quickly and the regulars did only slightly better.

British reserves were slow to arrive but a tank platoon led by two Matilda's brought the German armour to a halt after knocking out the Stug and PkwIV. The light PkwII's dived for cover. With the German's holding the village the late arriving British infantry and artillery had little prospect of launching a successful attack, so they withdrew to the next position. Victory to the invaders.

The initial set up

Sdkfz 221's storm the bridge
Tank platoons and supports cross the river

Fallschirmjager force the village

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