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Sunday 10 March 2013

Albanich 2013

My first wargame show of the season was yesterday's Dumfries show, Albanich. I was working in the morning so I only had time for a brief visit in the afternoon. This is a small show, but apparently a good turnout and there was a strong showing by traders. They certainly did well out of my short visit, including books, paint and more than a few figures from the Warlord stand.

I resisted adding to my ancients, but it was difficult when you see the quality of these Aventine figures.

There were only a few games but they were all very good.

Being Dumfries a VBCW game is mandatory.

French Indian wars

Bolt Action
An unusual Russo Japanese skirmish

And finally the Battle for Madrid (SCW)


  1. Great show pic's
    Dave I don't suppose you have any further pic's of the RJW game as it' on m radar for 2013.

    1. Sorry I don't, quick visit at the end of the show so I didnt get a chance to chat to the guys, from I think the Edinburgh club, doing the display.

      I have done this conflict in 15mm http://balkandave.blogspot.co.uk/2011/02/russo-japanese-war.html

      Probably more inspired by Reilly Ace of Spies than anything else!

    2. Thanks spotted your stuff early on before I dived into 28mm RJW.



  2. Glad you enjoyed the show,
    If you'd like to read more about the Bolt action game from West Coast Gamers, I've written up the full after action report here: http://blog.cjsutherland.co.uk/attack-on-the-bug-river-28mm/