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Sunday 12 May 2013

Carronade 13

It was the Falkirk  Carronade show yesterday. Fine venue for a big show feel. What I really like is the large amount of games being played. Plenty of trade, but it feels more like a wargames show than a trade fair that some other shows have become. It looked busy as well.

My purchases were fairly modest. Some Perry Desert Rats that I will use for my Malaya project. Plus some Warlord Japanese guns for the same project. The latest Black Powder supplement 'Albion Triumphant' and the Soviet Bolt Action supplement. Plus a very nice King John, in case I get around to doing the forgotten invasion. Plus bases and some more foam inserts, oh and the complusory visit to Last Valley of course. Club outing to Triples next weekend so much more time to peruse the stalls.

Our own game was Muret 1213, that came together very well after some last minute revisions on the Friday night. The refight went as per the historical battle. Even King Peter nearly got killed, or would have, had I thrown 10+ rather than a 9.

More Muret 1213 photies at the GDWS web site.

Running a display game means time is limited for looking at the rest of the show, but here's a selection of what caught my eye.

Durham's big 54mm Maurice game.

Eyecatching, but can't remember what it is!

Charge of the Light Brigade participation game

Simon and the Dumfries club with VBCW

Nachod 1866. Very nice scenery and even though the 10mm figures look a bit lost, you get a real feel for the battle.

Very nice WW1 skirmish

Chalons, big battlefield, lots of figures as you expect from Phoenix

On the Antonine Wall. Mostly Prince August molds that took me back!

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  1. Liked the game Dave, good look to it. And took afew photo's of it too, lots of action going on.

    Glad you enjoyed the day, maybe next year I might get some time to have a chat again.