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Sunday 13 April 2014

Salute 2014

My annual trek down to London yesterday for Salute and some footie in the afternoon. A vital three points for Fulham made my day!

The queue on arrival was mega but as I had an advance ticket it progressed quickly. Nice freebie figure this year that I might for once actually paint.

The trader fest was impressive with more alternative universes than I could imagine. I assume there is a market for all this, or I hope so as the effort, artwork and models are impressive, even if it isn't my thing.

I suppose my abiding memory of this year's Salute is the smell of MDF. It was everywhere with buildings and bases to models. I am not a big fan of MDF buildings, not enough depth for me, although I accept the upper end of the genre are pretty good.

A very good range of games and here are those that caught my eye.


Carlist Wars - Lots of very nice Perry's figures.
Punic wars in I think 54mm
Victorian steampunk
Quartarmain quest
WW2 Keren
This was an impressive MDF village
Painting competition
Demo for the new SAGA supplement. Problem with the printer meant not on sale. I picked up the dice though.
And again this time in Belgium.
Dien Bien Phu


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