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Saturday 10 May 2014

Carronade 2014

The poor weather helped bring out the crowds at today's Carronade show at Falkirk.

Our participation game was Bannockburn 1314, based on the less well known first day of the battle. The challenge was to break the Scottish schiltrons. Of the various attempts, it turned out pretty even and Robert the Bruce survived all bar one attempt by de Bohun to kill him in single combat. A number of players who had not tried the Hail Caesar rules liked them.

Here are a few pictures of the game.

Below is Gloucester's advanced guard crossing the Bannockburn to be faced by Robert Bruce's division.

Earl of Moray's division guard the flank approach to Stirling

Clifford's flank attack comes through the woods

Moray's division close up

Bruce's division close up


Bannockburn 1314 was not the only GDWS game on show today. The Battletech lads got into the anniversary spirit, well sort of, with their Battle of Bannockburn Bog.

I expected lots of Bannockburn games this year at the Scottish shows, but this was the only other display at Falkirk at least. In 10mm.

For me, the stand out game was Gleaming Katanas, Japanese warfare in 28mm. The culmination of two years work in Brian Phillip's painting cabin. The use of Black Powder style group bases means a lot of effort can be put into the bases, that are all individual vignettes.

There were more games than ever at this year's show. Here are a few more that caught my eye.

I do like trains in an ACW game.

No idea what this was about, but eye catching!

English Civil War, lots of figures, like that

Kirriemuir club's Thracians and Macedonians. Nice figures and quality effort with the terrain

The battle of Trafalgar Square - Thatcher v Scargill

54mm Napoleonics, always eye catching

The traders certainly did well out of me. Some more fine buildings from Caliver's new range as well as a few books. Well more than a few actually. Reviews when I get around to reading them. A whole village of very good value plastic 15mm houses, ready painted, for around £12 a building. Lost their card and they aren't listed on the show website, but no doubt someone will remind me. And finally, Warlord tempted me with Chindits, Commandos and sundry Italian armour.

Overall, a very good day and as always full credit to the hard work of the Falkirk club.



  1. Thanks for putting on such a good game - overall we were very pleased with how the show went

  2. Great Game Dave, very nicely done.

    The Old Contemptibles Gleaming Katana's was nice right enough.