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Tuesday 3 June 2014

Italian WW2 heavy weapons

More tidying up projects post-Bannockburn, although on that point BBC2 tonight has the first of a two part documentary on a new archeological study. Looks good and it appears, according to today's Herald, that they are confirming the Carse of Balquhiderock as the battle site.

My WW2 Italians were a little short on heavy weapons - so here we have medium and light mortars, ATG, HMG and a command group. I have a couple of armoured vehicles I bought from Warlord at Carronade and that will finish the project off.

Sort of related reading has been the new Osprey on the Spanish Civil War. The first volume is on the Nationalists and their fascist allies. Usual format with a focus on organisation and weapons rather than campaigns. I have the original Osprey MAA74 on the SCW, now looking a bit dated, so this is very welcome.

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