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Saturday 21 March 2015

Basing for Blucher

I have been impressed with my first few games of Blucher and I think it will be my rule set of choice for grand tactical games with 15mm figures. I'll stick with Black Powder for 28mm tactical games.

Learning the game with the cards is OK, but I am a figure gamer, so that can only be a stopgap. Now, as the rule book shows, you can just use your current basing. However, the angles and centre point on the card is useful as is the strip at the back to record casualties. My 15mm collection is based for PoW and so most infantry are on 30mm x 15mm, double depth for cavalry and 40mm depth for guns.

The solution is to turn to possibly my favourite wargame company, Warbases. I drew a design for a sabot base that combines the card and allows my figures to be inserted. In no time at all, at a reasonable cost, Martin delivers a very impressive result. There are two sizes, one for infantry and cavalry and other for guns. I allowed a few extra mm for oversized base width, probably should have done same for depth.

First some Ottomans. These regulars are fine, but I may have to hack about with the irregulars who are on much wider PoW bases.

No such problem for the British, including the deeper artillery bases.

And finally some Russian infantry and Austrian Uhlans.

Very pleased with these. Now to find time for some games!



  1. I've invested in bases for playing Blucher with my existing 15mm. I've gone with 3" by 2" and my existing figure basing (for Napoleon's Battles) works out fine.

  2. Nice idea ;)
    In theory, you could put stats/labels on the edging at the rear....?

  3. Indeed, I left that as an option, although I have been using numbered markers.