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Saturday 6 January 2018

More French WW2

My painting productivity has been very poor over the holidays. Too many great books and games as well as working on the web site. However, I have at least made some progress on the French WW2 project for Bolt Action.

First up a command group and medic.

Then a 75mm field gun.

And finally an Anti-Tank Rifle team.

Next stop is some armour. Anyone know of an Anti-Tank Gun in 28mm?


  1. I think Crusader Miniatures do a 47mm Hotchkiss one?

  2. http://www.crusaderminiatures.com/prod.php?prod=297&cat=9&sub=23&page=1

    It's a 25mm one...still, nice model!

  3. http://www.madbobminiatures.co.uk/shop/4587330661/France/_page/3

    25mm anti-tank gun. 47 mm anti-tank gun on page 2.

  4. Thanks, I ordered them all, go from there.