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Sunday 18 February 2018

Royal Armouries Museum

IA work trip to Leeds this weekend was an opportunity for a brief visit to the excellent Royal Armouries museum. 

This photie probably doesn't do justice to the Hall of Steel which is the first exhibit you see. It goes all the way up the museum floors, so you get a closer look at each level.

The oriental sections have displays of arms and armour from India to the Middle East. The Mughal elephant is particularly impressive

Of course I couldn't miss the Ottoman exhibits including this Spahi.

Some Scottish interest with this collection of weapons used in the Jacobite revolts.

And a Waterloo confrontation.

The main war hall has this impressive display of arms and armour covering a hundred years or so.

The full size Pavia diorama is one of my favourites

Some early machine guns, included a couple I hadn't heard of

Finally, a wargame diorama of Agincourt. Not quite how I understood the battle developed, but impressive none the less. You can also look through their database to see if your family were present. There was a John (my proper first name) Watson who served as an archer. However, given my branch of the Watson's hail from Scotland, we were more likely to be the French ranks!

Oh, and just to wind up my Yorkshire wife, a Wars of the Roses longbowman. I was born in Lancashire, so I do like to remind her who won!

Great museum, free entry, very interactive, so good for the kids. They also do lots of living history. Highly recommended.

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