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Monday 6 March 2023

Newark Air Museum

The added attraction of a visit to the Hammerhead wargames show is the Newark Air Museum, which is almost next door. They have two main hangers and many more aircraft in outside displays. The collection's focus is post-war aircraft, mostly military but civil as well.

The first display you see is the magnificent Vulcan.

Another helicopter that hung from my ceiling as a kit-building teenager, the Wessex.


My favourite post-war fighter. I have several models in Turkish colours.
 This F-100D Super Sabre was in French service.

Dassault Mystere

Not all British aircraft, either. Two Russian workhorses. The Mig-23 and Mig-27

And Swedish fighters, which I hadn't seen since my last trip to Sweden.

The Chipmunk trainer is a bit of nostalgia for me. The first plane I ever flew in as an Air cadet.

Then some classic British post-war aircraft.






And there is much more to see at this museum, with more aircraft, engines and other displays. Well worth a visit.

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  1. Nice. I think we’ll have to go visit (it’s relatively close we can go for a “day trip”). My daughter’s fiancĂ© comes to Hammerhead with me - although he’s not especially a historical gamer, more GW gaming - so it’s only fair I go to the air museum.