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Friday 12 November 2010

Viking Hirdmen

Picked up some very nice Viking Hirdmen for my Lord of the Isles project.

These are Gripping Beast plastics and the first I have seen. I didn't assemble or paint them so I can't comment on the difficulty or otherwise of the task, something I have found onerous with other plastics. However, I can say that the detail is excellent and they look great.

Having done the research, I am starting to put together the metal (and plastic) for this project. Viking types for the Isles are straightforward but I have been swithering about the Scots. Settled for a mixture of Gripping Beast and Crusader for the first units. These will be supplemented by units from mine and others collections of Normans and I suspect some other dark age types to swell the numbers.

No final decision on the battle for the first demo game, but the current favourite is Bargarran. This is where Somerled died in battle with the Normans in 1164. The site is close to Glasgow Airport. Sources for the battle are very limited so we will have some flexibility in terms of the troops we field.

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