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Friday 18 May 2012

Marius' Mules - Invasion of Gaul

Marius' Mules

My latest Kindle read has been Marius' Mules - Invasion of Gaul by S.J.A.Turney.

I am something of a sucker for Roman fiction so here we go again with another story of the Legions and their wars. This time none other than Julius Ceasar and the Gallic wars.

The story takes us through the early stages of the invasion, up to the defeat of Ariovistus, showing how Ceasar engineered conflict in Gaul for his own purposes. It describes camp life in some detail and the internal as well as external conflicts.

Now this isn't in the Scarrow league. It can be heavy going at times, the dialogue is a bit cliched and the characters rather predictable. Very much black and white with few shades of grey. However, I was never tempted to give it up. I see two more in the series so I might be tempted - but not just yet. 

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