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Sunday 6 May 2012

Pike & Shotte

I played my first game today of the new Black Powder renaissance variant, Pike & Shotte. I play tested with a small Polish v Austrian Imperial clash. First impressions, very positive.

Those familiar with Black Powder will have few problems as the basic game mechanisms are the same. Few annoying differences that are not justified by the period, as I found with FoGR. The same chaotic order system, blunders and the rest that take a bit of getting used to, but great fun. Like the other variants, this is not a system for the rules lawyer or tournament player. 

My first reaction to the concept of units that appear to split up pike & shot 'regiments' was not positive. However, I realised that it forces you to adopt 'brigade' size formations of infantry, rather than having units in unhistorical positions as is allowed under other rules. I suspect I will shift to the 2/3rds distances that I use for Black Powder, when playing on a standard 4 feet deep board. At 28mm, units can fly across the table.

I have a few issues with the army lists. No Croat foot skirmishers for the Austrians or war wagons for the Poles. But these are simple to add on given the annex on army lists and points.

The presentation is up to the usual Warlord standard. Well laid out, clear tables and plenty of eye candy. A potted history for those not familiar with the period, plus army lists for all the main conflicts. No need for an extensive (and expensive) range of supplements. And a quick reference sheet that appears to work. Not something you can say about most rules. Recommended.


  1. I just picked up P&S yesterday at Carronade, really looking forward to my first games.

  2. Warlord obviously did well from both of us!