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Sunday 13 January 2013

Grande Armee

Played my first full game of Sam Mustapha's Napoleonic rules, Grande Armee today.

These are big battle rules with a unit on the table representing a brigade or similar of a few thousand troops. This means you can play the big multi-corps battles of the Napoleonic wars on a normal wargames table. Obviously at this scale there are lots of abstractions, but that also means the game flows quickly.

Weather effect is represented more than I am probably used you and the command elements are represented by command points and control distances. The combat mechanisms have separate skirmish and artillery phases, but all close combat, shooting and hand to hand, is brought together in one phase. There is a fair and helpful review here.

Our game was the Battle of Katzbach 1813. Blucher commanding Prussian and Russian forces against the French commanded by McDonald. In our game the main French effort was on their right. The Russians under Langeron fought and blocking action until they were supported by the Prussians under Yorke. An honourable draw that helped me get a better understanding of the rules.

This was one of several games played at the GDWS weekend of games. Once or twice a year we play big games over a whole weekend. A big AWI Black Powder game as well as Blenheim using Maurice rules. Plus command decision and of course the FoG competition. Photies on the GDWS website.

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