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Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Seasons greetings to all. Wishing everyone a happy New Year and a good 2013.

So what are my plans for the coming year?

Projects at present include:
  • WW2 Yugoslavia in 28mm. Some more partisans and Italians for the 1941-43 period. I will also use the Italians as opponents for the Greeks. A few more of them to paint up as well.
  • Russo-Turkish War 1877 in 28mm. A few more infantry units for both sides.
  • Dacians in 28mm. Almost the last Balkan army I don't have. Probably a few more Trajanic Romans as well.
  • Britain 1940 in 15mm FoW. Still a few more units to finish this project off. Some British support weapons and engineers, plus some artillery and AA units for the Gebirgsjager.
  • VBCW in 28mm. Just a few character figures to finish the project off.
Overall, more a finishing off year rather than any new projects. But the year is still young and possibilities include:
  • Serbia 1876 in 28mm
  • Hungary 1848 in 15mm
  • Far East WW2 in 28mm, including the pre-war Chinese and Russian conflicts.
  • Medieval Scots.
I hope to do more gaming this year. In particular:
  • Black Powder along with Hail Caesar and Pike & Shotte.
  • Bolt Action for WW2 projects and VBCW (with chance cards).
  • Grande Armee. Dusting down my 15mm Napoleonics for what looks like an interesting game system.
  • I will persevere with Maurice despite my reservations about systems that are too card driven.
  • Flames of War. I think this is an elegant rules system.
For GDWS display games nothing is decided yet, but two outline plans. The first is the Battle of Glasgow Green, VBCW in 28mm. The second is WW2 Descent on Drvar in 28mm. Both using Bolt Action rules that I am very impressed with. We may also do Flodden given the centenary year.

I would like to get back to a bit more writing this year. Something that has dropped off in the last few years. My day job involves a lot of writing and I therefore find painting more of a relaxation.

Finally, my reading pile needs to be addressed although I have just spent my Xmas book tokens to add to it! As usual my reading can spark off new wargame projects. A longish list of historical fiction, some great stuff out there at present, as well as Balkan and other historical works.

Great plans as always. Probably far too much, but I will have fun trying!

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  1. Happy New Year Dave!

    Good luck with this year's plans, look interesting as always.