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Friday 23 August 2013

Japan's Blitzkrieg

More background reading for my Far East projects.

First off, there is 'Japan's Blitzkrieg' by Bernard Edwards. This isn't a narrative, or even a military history of the the early stages of the Pacific War. Instead the author takes us through a series of episodes that illustrate the chaos that was the allied response. Based on eye witness evidence there are some fascinating stories. A very readable book.

That led me on to 'SOE Singapore 1941-42' by Richard Gough. This is the story of SOE operations in the Far East, before and during the invasion. It was a very small operation based in Singapore that sought to establish 'stay behind' units that would harass Japanese lines of communications. This was a very poorly resourced operation, largely scorned by the higher command, that in reality achieved limited goals. None the less there were some very brave soldiers and civilian recruits who did their best with what they had. Although the Singapore command didn't know it, they caused significant supply problems for the Japanese attacking Singapore, along lengthy supply lines.

Along with the reading I have been making some progress with the painting.

Firstly some more Japanese. This is the third Gocho or rifle squad that makes up the first Hohei infantry platoon. Together with the command team. Battlefront figures, except the HMG teams that come from Peter Pig.

Then the first, of what looks like many, Russian rifles. These are from the Plastic Soldier range.

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