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Sunday 18 August 2013

Varjazi & Basileus

SAGA reaches the Balkans!

There was a preview of this in a freebie in Wargames Illustrated, but this is the full monty with rules for three factions; Byzantines, Pagan Rus and Princes Rus. Three battleboards and you have the option of swords for hire with Steppe Nomads. Although again you can a full faction for these by utilising the freebie in this month's Wargames Illustrated. I can also reuse my Viking and Norman order dice as well. This supplement comes in a folder that is useful for storing the other supplements and battle boards.

I think SAGA is a very elegant games system and I haven't really played nearly enough. It's ideal for a quick game in the evening. Anyway, I managed a couple of games this weekend to refresh my memory on the rules.

In this game the Byzantines were motoring well, shooting up one flank and driving back the other. Time for the coup de grace as the Kavallaroi thundered into the RusVarjazi driving them back as well. But then it all went wrong as the Sviatoslav, Price of Rus counter attacked with the other unit of Varjazi, killed the Byzantine Comites and that was game over. Never mind, the beauty of SAGA is that there is usually time for another game.

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