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Monday 27 January 2014

Dynasties on the Danube

This was the title of our big game at the GDWS double header this weekend. Early 18th Century using around 600, 28mm figures and Black Powder rules.

The scenario was based in 1719. Austria, Russia and Poland have come together in a new Holy Alliance to expel the Ottomans from the Balkans. They mobilise in Belgrade and advance south. The Ottomans are ready for them and block the route. Let battle commence.

A Croat Brigade is the Austrian advance guard and they seek to expel an Ottoman advance guard from a village that controls one of the river crossings. However, they get bogged down giving the main Ottoman army time to deploy. The Russians arrive on the Ottoman right and force the river against a Wallachian Brigade and the Ottoman right wing cavalry. The Tartars arrive next to harass the Russians, but are sent packing by the somewhat tardy arrival of the Polish army. Meanwhile the Austrian army is largely destroyed by the Ottoman left and centre. Score draw to the Ottomans.

Very enjoyable game, three players a side on Saturday and two a side on Sunday. As always with Black Powder, lots of fun!

The full table, with the Ottomans at far left facing the Austrians. Russians in foreground trying to force the river.

The Russian army

Russian Grenadiers lead the bridge assault 

Ottoman centre with the Janissaries and artillery and left wing cavalry

Austrians attacking the village.

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