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Sunday 2 February 2014

Flames of War - Chinese Nationalist WW2

My initial Chinese army for WW2 is now complete and ready for the tabletop. They are based for Flames of War.

By the 1930's the Chinese army fighting the Japanese was reasonably well organised. It had two basic uniforms; grey/blue padded for the winter and light khaki for the summer. As the war went on supply became more difficult and uniforms would have become faded. Helmets and caps came in many shapes including the German 1935 model, reflecting the German advisors and other equipment.

I have gone for the grey uniform, with a number of variations in shade and colour, largely to differentiate them from other armies. The figures are from the Eureka range, but be warned they are not cheap. There are three sections of infantry, rather too well supplied with support weapons. Two mountain guns, a 37mm ATG, HMGs and Mortars. When I return to this project, more infantry will be needed.


  1. A beautiful set of troops!

  2. Thanks Phil. I find 15mm a bit of a struggle these days - but the optivisor helps!

  3. That is a great looking group of figures. I know a couple guys building Japanese for FOW, I might have to follow up with some 15mm chinese to face them.