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Wednesday 19 February 2014

The first Schiltron

The first Scots schiltron makes it off the painting bench for the Bannockburn project.

These are Black Tree Design figures. Quite a lot of flash on these figures, often in those annoying places you only spot, after you have started painting! None the less the detail is excellent, making painting very straightforward. The spears are moulded on, a big plus for me as I have boxes of figures with spears I am constantly gluing back on. Yes, I do glue before painting, but wear and tear on the wargames table wins out every time.

The spears look a little short for Scots, but I take the view that there would have been a range of spear lengths in the Scots army. I certainly don't go along with the pike classification option in one popular ruleset. However, I am getting prepared for the inevitable punter at the first wargames show, who will tell me, with absolute certainty, that I have got some aspect wrong. The fact that our sources for what the army actually wore and fought with are virtually non existent, won't put them off!

Given the number of figures needed, I decided to open the tin of army painter quick shade that has been sitting in a draw unopened for a year or two. I have been using inks or GW Devlon Mud wash for most of my recent painting.

I'm fairly pleased with the result, certainly a lot quicker than the two or three stage method I usually adopt. I use a brush application as I tried dipping some older figures and the effect was a bit OTT. Although it has breathed some new life into some of my earlier, more basic painting efforts.

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