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Wednesday 24 December 2014

Dystopian Wars - Russian Coalition

The battle flotilla of the Russian Coalition joins my Dystopian Wars collection. That's a Dreadnought, 3 gunships, 4 destroyers and 2 submarines.

They got their first outing today, doing battle with the Ottomans. Only my second game and the rule book can be a bit irritating as you have to keep flitting back and forward. Not to mention remembering all the special rules. However, it plays fairly well and once I get used to the characteristics of each ship, I'm sure it will get quicker.



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  1. Oh please, Balkan Dave, if you want to include fantasy stuff like this, then don't give it a historical topic label (19th century).

    You have already created a separate 'Dystopian Wars' label, so why not leave it at that? Or have you betrayed your love of history and gone all postmodern on us?