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Sunday 4 October 2015

Battle of Leva 1664 - the game

There is a very good article by Iain Stanford in the latest edition of The Arquebusier on the 4th Austro-Turkish War 1663/4 and the battles of Leva (Levice) and St Gotthard.

Leva was the smaller warm up to the more decisive clash at St Gotthard, but it is a very manageable game for the tabletop. I used 15mm figures and Pike and Shotte rules.

The Imperial forces in Northern Hungary were commanded by Souches and he was opposed by Ottoman forces, including Wallachian and Moldavian vassals, commanded by Ali Pasha of Buda. Souches was besieging Leva when he heard Ali Pasha had moved to cut off his lines of communication. So he abandoned the siege to meet the Ottoman army.

The Ottoman forces crossed the river towards the visible Left and Right wings of the Imperial army. The centre was held back behind some woods. Ottomans on the right of this photo.

The Imperial left commanded by Knigge advances against the Wallachians with Tartar horse.

While the Moldavians advance boldly against the Imperial right commanded by Heister.

The Wallachians get the upper hand.

But it's harder going for the Moldavians. Those curaissiers aren't much bothered by Tartar arrows and the best Moldavian cavalry is slow to advance because of shooting disorganisation.

Then the Imperial centre advances against the best Ottoman troops, the Janissaries.

However, they are split because the Wallachians rout the Imperial left wing.

Game over when the Moldavians do the same on the Imperial right.

A reversal of history as in the historical battle the centre crushed the Janissaries and then rolled up the Moldavians.

An enjoyable game, that the rules played well. My only reservation is how they treat pike and shot regiments, it doesn't feel quite right. FoGr does this better, but the command mechanisms in Pike and Shotte work better for this period. Ah, the search for the perfect rule set goes on!


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