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Saturday 7 May 2016

Carronade 2016

Today was another excellent Carronade show put on by the Falkirk Wargames Club at a very good venue, Graeme High School in Falkirk.

There was good support from the trade with a wide range of Scottish and UK suppliers. I understand footfall was up on last year, so I hope they did well. I certainly picked up a few bits and pieces including the new Sharpe Practice 2 rules. The presence of Last Valley always means some additions to the scenery vaults.

Running a display game means you don't get as much time to look at the other games as I would like, but there were some very good ones this year.

GDWS did Salonika 1916 - Out of the Birdcage. This covered a typical engagement of the allied 1916 offensive designed to force the Germans to switch troops from Verdun. In the end it was successful in achieving that objective. The game used 28mm figures and Bolt Action rules. The array of different units on either side caused some bemused looks from the audience. Only in Greece would you get British, Russian, Greek and Italian troops, fighting Austrian, German and Bulgarian units. The Entente powers won the day capturing the objective - a ruined Greek temple on a hill in the centre of the table. The redoubtable Highlanders fought off all comers.

Here are few other games that I liked.

I like obscure games and Brazilians in WW2 qualifies!

The Durham club like their 54mm figures, this time ancients. Real big boys toys!

This was a colourful rendition of the Battle of Assaye, Wellington in India.

Bolt Action isn't losing any popularity with at least three games. This one presented by the Dunfermline club.

Kirriemuir did a big game of Gaugamela.

The Battle of Towton in the Wars of the Roses

Strong visual depiction of DDay by Glasgow Warthogs

I'm not a big fan of naval games but this pre-dreadnought game was very good. I think the models come from the Old Glory range.

Snow has been a popular theme in show games I have liked this year. This is the retreat from Moscow.

Ian and the Claymore castings team did a very fine ECW game.

I have no idea what this is from the painting competition. But it certainly catches the eye.

And some more conventional offers from the painting competition.

You don't see a lot of Spearhead played these days. Kharkov I think.

Good show and thanks to Falkirk for organising it. And thanks to the catering staff - the white chocolate millionaire shortbread was amazing!


  1. Yes a great event. Good pics, I liked a lot the games...you always get great variety ...Falkirk boys did a great job hosting it

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