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Saturday 7 October 2023

South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

 I am en route to the Other Partisan wargames show on Sunday. Looking for a suitable stop-off point, I realised I had never been to the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum at Doncaster. This is another of those wonderful museums run by a dedicated band of enthusiasts. 

They don't have a lot of space, so the typical outside plane exhibits are limited. Still, a decent collection, including:

Lynx helicopter.

Hawker Hunter. This was an ex-Danish Air Force one.

Aermacchi MB 339. Captured at Port Stanley airfield.

RAF Harrier that served in the Falklands campaign

The Falklands War is ever present in this museum with a dedicated area and plenty of exhibits as well as aircraft.

Including this exceptional 1/96th scale model of HMS Hermes.

There is a helicopter preservation group based here, so there are plenty of them and fixed exhibits as well. Including an interesting Cyprus display, even if an error or two has crept in.

Cyprus UN helicopter base diorama

Bristol Sycamore. The first RAF helicopter.

There are a few ground weapon displays as well.

And a base operations room.

Finally, just about every Canberra variant you can think of.

Even a bit of the Balkans with this Romanian WW2 IAR fighter!

I spent a couple of hours there. Plenty more to see, and if you are in the area, please support them.


  1. Considering I live in Sheffield I’ve never been to the aircraft museum. I am very much a “land” wargamer and sea & air aren’t really my scene. Still, it looks decent enough and I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    I suspect you’ll also be able to have a good time at The Other Partisan - I’m not able to attend this event (to be fair, I’ve been to the other 2 shows at Newark this year, so I can’t complain too much 😉).

    1. Saved a few quid as well! But you should visit the museum, plenty of non-aviation stuff as well.