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Sunday 24 January 2010

Albanich 2010

First wargame show of the year was Albanich 2010 in Dumfries yesterday. This is smaller local show put on by the Dumfries club at a new venue and date.  The Cairndale Hotel has a good sized function room ideal for a show of this size with limited catering the only shortcoming. A number of traders made the journey including Under the Bed and Warlord.

It is a bold venture for a small club to put on a show in a more remote part of Scotland in January. The numbers attending were reasonable and it was good to see a fair number of local non-wargamers turning up to see what was going on. I spent time with a number of people explaining what wargaming was all about. That's good for the hobby and I hope the Dumfries club benefit from the interest. Either way congratulations to them for putting the show on.

There was a good range of display games and a WAB competition. GDWS put on 1711 Peter on the Pruth in 28mm using the Black Powder rules by Rick Priestley. This is a new rule set for us and we are just beginning to get the hang of them. They give a fast  and fun game and because they cover such a wide period (300 years) we should get good use out of them.  

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