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Sunday 10 January 2010

Painting 15mm pike and shot

Part of my war room tidy up has been to pull together some of my disparate collection. One project was my 28mm Austrian Imperialist forces that at different times have taken the field as English Civil War and other conflicts. The beauty of the all purpose pike and shot.

This is even more the case in 15mm. I picked up a box of pike and shot armies at Britcon a few years ago painted as ECW. So to create a Balkan version (Austrian Imperialist) I have had to recruit and paint up some additional units - dragoons, grenzer and battalion guns in the main. I haven't painted 15mm for years (bit of an age thing probably) and you forget how quick it is compared with my usual 28s. Looking forward to getting them on the table when FoG renaissance comes out.

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