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Sunday 10 January 2010


My new year's resolution is to have a grand tidy up of my war room. Clear out some of those odd units that represent the start of the project that never materialised or possibly even an army or two that I have not used in years.
Whilst engaged on this theraputic (though sometimes stressful) activity, I decided to throw out old rule sets that have just gathered dust. Either because I have moved on or new editions have superceded them. Real trip down memory this. Mainly many old WRG sets - horse and musket, ancients, WW2 and modern. Still kidded myself on that some of the army lists will come in useful - well maybe not that much of a clear out.............

1 comment:

  1. Sounds very much like my plan to 'rationalise' the collection - trouble is it is always way too difficult to get rid of anything as most wargamers are notorious hoarders!

    Good luck though!