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Thursday 4 February 2010

Drazki - Balkan Wars torpedo-boat

"Drazki", the legedary torpedo-boat that saw service in the Balkan Wars, and one of the most valuable exhibits in the Naval Museum in Varna, could collapse at any moment due to problems with the foundations. The cash strapped defence ministry is unlikely to come to the rescue so the museum has made an appeal to the citizens of Varna.

The "Drazki" was one of six torpedo boats ordered by Bulgaria. They were built in France, and transported overland in sections to Bulgaria, where the final assembly took place. "Drazki" was launched in the autumn of 1907, and commissioned in early 1908. During the Balkan Wars, "Drazki" entered fleet history after successfully, at almost point-blank range, torpedoing the Turkish cruiser Hamidie, and crippling her. "Drazki" is now the only preserved example of this class of ship, worldwide.

No details of how overseas donations can be made, but if I hear anything I will post. The museum is run by a group of enthusiasts who deserve support.


  1. Hi Dave, Greta picture and I have the ship in 1/3000th in my Bulgarian Navy (it is VERY small!). I have some other details about her but the main thing is the fact that she is not the original Drazki. I am sure I read something about she is one of the others in the class but was preserved as the Drazki in honour of her exploit in torpedoing the Turkish cruiser Hamidiye. Hopefully the money will be found to preserve the foundations as she is a remarkable piece of history.


  2. Hi,

    Ogrefencer suggested I ask you about buildings in the Balkans. I'm gaming in 40mm, so will have to make my own. Would I be correct in assuming they would resemble the usual sort of structures found on the Eastern Front in WWII? Most of the pictures I've found tend to be of troops in open fields, with very little showing by way of the buildings commonly encountered. Are there any websites you recommend?

    Thanks and best regards,

    Chris Johnson