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Sunday 9 May 2010

Carronade and Tannenberg

Excellent show at Carronade yesterday. The Falkirk club have established this date as one of the best in Scotland with good games and a wide range of traders in an excellent venue.

We took Tannenberg 1410 as our display game. 2010 is the 600th anniversary of this classic medieval clash. We recreated it with 28mm figures from a wide range of firms using two 5000+ point WAB armies. Andy McGreary's Teutonics caught the eye as did George Dick's war wagons masquerading as the Polish camp. Visually effective and the battle itself went pretty much as the historical event.

Been a bit busy at work lately so the Polish standard bearer was a rush job with the basing still drying on the table! The figure and flags are from the Italian firm Mirleton.

The display with the game in the background. More pictures on the GDWS site

and finally a close up of Andy's Teutonic knights.

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