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Friday 17 February 2012

Hannibal - Enemy of Rome

Hannibal: Enemy of Rome

Just finished my latest Ben Kane book, Hannibal - Enemy of Rome.

I am always going to be sucked into a book about the Punic Wars and needed no encouragement when an author as good as Ben Kane gives Hannibal the treatment. Carthage was my very first wargames army, mostly Garrison 25mm figures - yes we are talking nearly 40 years ago!

He tells the story through the eyes of the family of one of Hannibal's officers. One son gets captured by pirates and is sold into slavery near Capua. You can tell where this will all end later in the campaign for those familiar with the history of Capua during this period. The other side through a Roman officers family from Capua.

Anyway, this book covers the siege of Saguntum, the crossing of the Alps and the Battle of Trebia. The battle scenes really come to life and the story is told really well. Looking forward to more of this. Recommended. 

Some of my current Carthaginian troops. Libiyan spearmen of the type commanded by the officers in the book.

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