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Sunday 5 February 2012

Sons of Thunder

My latest read has been Giles Christian's Sons of Thunder. This is the second of his Raven series covering the adventures of a shipload of Viking warriors.
Raven: Sons of Thunder
This tale takes our band of warriors to Carolingian France. First to catch up with the Saxon traitor Ealdred and then to sell a religious book to the Emperor Charlemagne.

I have to say I struggled with this volume for the first two thirds. It seemed very slow with painful amounts of detail around individual relationships that had already been developed in the first book. The final third lived up to the billing as an action thriller when the band reached the Emperor and were forced to flee with a large force in pursuit.

I am glad I didn't give up on this at an early stage, but it simply wasn't as good as the first volume. Not sure I will bother with the next stage. But as they are heading for Constantinople I may well give in.

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