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Sunday 19 February 2012

Italian Army Elite Units 1940-43

 Italian Army Elite Units and Special Forces 1940-43

The Italian Army of WW2 gets a generally bad press. This is largely based on the early war performance in the Western Desert. After that, despite some poor leadership and obsolete equipment, individual units performed well.

This new Osprey (Elite 99) covers most of the better units of the Italian army including armoured, paratroop and assault engineers. Then a variety of special units, many of which I had never heard of. All set out in the usual Osprey format with a good range of photies and the excellent colour plates.

Reading this inspired me to get some Italians out of the 'to do' box and onto the painting bench. Having reorganised my Flames of War army for the Greek campaign in line with the Burning Empires supplement, I realised that I am going to need more infantry.

I haven't painted 15mm figures for some time. Nice to be able to get units painted quickly for a change. Some LMG bases as a starter below.

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