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Monday 17 June 2013

More Greeks bearing MGs

Some more 28mm WW2 Greeks off the production line for Bolt Action. Another platoon of infantry supported by a heavy machine gun. Still got a mountain gun to finish and then I need to look at some bren carriers and other support weapons.

These figures are from the Burns Miniatures range.

We have also had a major refurbishment in the study and I have a new painting table. This just might inspire me to tackle the ever growing lead mountain - but then again...

The trade off domestically was no piles of untidy paint pots, so I have invested in these really nice paint pot holders from Battle Flag. They are made of mdf and come as kits that fit together really well. Different sizes for different makes of paint.

MDF kits for buildings are really taking off at present and was sorely tempted at Triples. My only reservation is the lack of depth and texture that you get with resin. Apart from the small matter that I could build several cities with the buildings I already have!

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