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Sunday 2 June 2013

Wappinshaw 13

Yesterday was the Wappinshaw show in Glasgow's Kelvin Hall. A new venue for this show and not likely to be repeated as the halls are being refurbished for the Commonwealth Games.

It is a large hall with plenty of room for the games and traders. Mostly local or smaller traders as Partizan is the next day and attracts the bigger names in the hobby from England. I had got most of my purchases at Triples, but still managed to pick up some unusual kits and collected some Black Powder bases that Martin at Warbases had made up for me. The organisation was first rate and there appeared to be a decent attendance.

Our display game was Glasgow Green 1938. We thought this was appropriate for the Glasgow show. The focus being a big 28mm model of the Peoples Palace. Courtesy of Iain from Flags of War.

Four of us played the game and all agreed it was the most enjoyable game we had played at a show. Still plenty of time to chat to an appreciative audience. The Red Clydesiders just held on but it was very close.

There were some other fine games, my quick collection of photies.

Big Napoleonic game from Phoenix

Very nice figures in this fantasy game


And another VBCW.
All credit to the organisers for a good local show.

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  1. Liked your game this year, very nice. Thought the show was pretty good too.