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Sunday 10 August 2014

Bolt Action - Austro-Hungarian Army of WW1

Some reinforcements for the WW1 Austro-Hungarian army, in time to take the tabletop for the centenary of their offensive into Serbia in 1914.

28mm figures for the early period are a bit of challenge since Renegade has gone into hibernation. So these are Old Glory. Nice figures, but much smaller than the chunky Renegade figures. This still leaves me short of artillery, even if Hapsburg doctrine didn't bother with such niceties as preliminary bombardment.

First the infantry.

Then the machine guns.

I am using Bolt Action rules for 28mm WW1. So here is a basic Austro-Hungarian army list I have pulled together.

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  1. Just purchased a metric tonne of Scarab Miniatures AH to fight my Copplestone WW1 Russians for Bolt Action. Was wondering if you plan on writing a late war list for the AH? Thanks