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Saturday 2 August 2014

Claymore 2014

Off to Edinburgh today for Claymore 2014. I particularly enjoyed this year's show because I attended as a punter, rather than havng to organise the GDWS display game. Thanks to George and David who did an excellent Wild West participation game that had plenty of takers.

The event was well supported, no doubt helped by the wet weather! There seemed to be more traders and plenty of business. My prime purchase was SAGA Crescent and Cross from Gripping Beast, given I purchased the dice back at Salute! Some Perry plastics for another GoT faction and lots of bits and pieces from a variety of suppliers.

Not a lot of new games, with clubs repeating their Carronade offerings, but these are the ones that caught my eye.

Claymore Castings adapted SAGA for a Highland v Lowland medieval clash.
Tidy ACW battle in 15mm

Interesting way of doing the opening battles of WW1 in France on a strategic level.

And another 15mm ACW - Baton Rouge from memory

Forcing the Dardanelles - or probably not!

Very good Indian Mutiny game showcasing the excellent Mutineer Miniatures figures

Durham boys brought their 54mm Napoleonics up - always impressive.

Kirriemuir's Thracian game - well worth a repeat.

As always, thanks to the South East Scotland club for the massive effort involved.

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