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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Dystopian Wars - Ottoman Empire

Dystopian Wars is popular at my club, GDWS, and having played my first game the other week, I can see why. The Victorian science fiction genre is attractive, as are the very fine models and a decent rule set.
So, what fleet should I go for. In the absence of an obvious Balkan state, no models for the Greeks yet, it of course has to be the Ottomans. The decision was made when I saw a nicely painted starter fleet on EBay, so I wasn't just going to add them to the metal pile!
This is 750pts under the rules and gives me a nicely balanced force that I can add to later.

The Commodore will reside on this Sadrazam Class battleship.

Supported by a squadron of these Fettah Class cruisers.

And some frigates from the Mizrak Class.

I will probably add to the force with some non-skimming ships. Then consider an opponent. The Greeks are the obvious choice if the models appear, but otherwise it will have to be the Russians.

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