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Monday 27 July 2015

Wargamer's Wedding

I got married to Liz on Saturday and as we held the ceremony in the garden of our home there was the opportunity to set up a wargame for our guests. When I say garden, given it's Scotland in July, we covered it front and back with marquees. However, we luckily got probably the only sunny day - a D6 there!

It was a small skirmish game based on the Battle of Jarama in the Spanish Civil War. The figures are 28mm and we used Bolt Action rules. Not much time to play it, but the handout explains what war gaming is all about.

Oh, and the wedding. Here's me and the new Mrs Watson. The tartan for my kilt is a new one in support of the UK military charity, Help for Heroes.

And my favourite wedding present from my wargame pals. Absolutely amazing, thanks lads.

And finally, an essential at any Scottish wedding, the piper. Neil is associated with the Royal Tank Regiment, very appropriate for me!


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