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Tuesday 12 April 2022

Istanbul Aviation Museum

 The Istanbul Aviation Museum is appropriately based on the edge of the old Istanbul Airport, used mainly by private and cargo jets these days. There is a train station (Yesilkoy) right outside, or just get a taxi. Taxis in Istanbul are good value (for western tourists) but come prepared with the address (Yeşilköy Mahallesi,, Eski Havaalanı Caddesi,, 34149 Bakırköy/İstanbul), as taxi drivers rely on Google Maps. No 'knowledge' requirement here.

The outside displays include just about every post-WW2 aircraft used by the Turkish Air Force and a few civil ones. Sadly, the indoor exhibition area was closed, so check before you go if your main interest is in the earlier periods. Unfortunately, it wasn't clear on their website.

Starting with the early jets.

Delta Dagger


Northrop Freedom Fighter


And two of my favourites are the F-100 Super Sabre, which played an essential role in ground support during the Cyprus conflict. The brown on my recent model looks a bit dark next to this, but I will put that down to weathering!

Then the next generation F16 and Phantom fighters.

Lots of transport aircraft as well.



Helicopters and army cooperation.



Dornier Do28

Dornier Do27

And finally, some air defence weapons.

There are also more civilian, maritime, trainers and army cooperation aircraft. Well worth a look.


  1. Looks like you’re having a good time in İstanbul. Taxis there are something else aren’t they. I’ve had a few interesting journeys there.

    I love the way drivers (not just taxes) don’t waste any space on the roads. Both lanes full? Don’t worry. Make an ad hoc third lane. Close up bumper to bumper when the traffic isn’t moving (my pet hate here is people leave too much space when stopped at junctions/lights).

    1. I know, I was grateful my wife didn't come. She would have had a fit! It was the one handed driving while on the phone that she would hate.

  2. Lovely pictures- there are some lovely aircraft there.