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Sunday 29 July 2012

Lion at Bay

My summer holiday reading included Robert Low's 'The Lion at Bay'. This is the second in the Kingdom series covering the Scottish wars of independence.
This volume covers the demise of Wallace, the murder of Comyn and the crowning of Bruce. It ends rather strangely by only briefly covering the wilderness period, no spider and the rest here.

As the author has pointed out many times the historical sources are limited. So a writer of historical fiction is entitled to make his or her own judgements. Low gives Bruce the benefit of the doubt over the death of Comyn, but implicates him in the betrayal of Wallace. Right on both counts in my view, but wont be popular with some.

The narrative rattles along as Bob Low is a great story teller. There is a gritty style to these books with a great period feel. You get a real feel for the period, warts and all. Although he has toned down the Scots language, presumably in response to criticism of the first volume. There is a useful glossary of the more obscure terms.

An excellent read, highly recommended.

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