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Friday 20 July 2012

Seelowe Nord refought

In January I posted a review of Andy Johnson's first book 'Seelowe Nord'. This is a fictional account of the German invasion of Britain in 1940. The difference is that the author treats the landings in Kent as a diversion for the main effort on the Yorkshire coast.
I thought this was a brilliant book in itself, but it also makes a different early WW2 scenario.

I had most of the British with the addition of the Home Guard, and as my recent postings show, I have been busy with the Germans. The first tabletop outing was completed today, the Battle of Rushton Parva.

The battlefield has the village in the centre with a bunker defending the road. Hills on the left and a stream and woods on the right. A decent, but not overly strong defensive position as the British forces only have time for a hasty defence.

The British commander places the Home Guard platoon in the woods on his right, a regular platoon in the village and another on the reverse slope on his left. ATG in the bunker and carrier platoon in the woods on the far left. His tank platoon in reserve and a 25pdr troop to call up for fire support.

The German plan was to pin the centre with tanks supported by infantry. Then envelop both flanks with infantry platoons supported by SPGs and armoured cars. 

The attack in the centre started well with a well aimed shot destroying the bunker. But after that HMG and rifle fire cut up the supporting infantry and the Panzer II's are no match for the Matilda.

The attack on the right destroyed the carriers and captured the wood, but an assault was pushed back.

The infantry on the left succeeded in pushing the Home Guard out of the big wood. However, by this time the Brits were able to reinforce the stream defence line and there was no chance of a breakthrough into the village.

The game was played using Flames of War rules and the Blitzkrieg supplement. 1500pts a side. Enjoyable game, with plenty of other scenarios suggested by the book that I highly recommend.

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