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Saturday 25 April 2015

Salute 2015

The alarm going off at 4:30am on a Saturday morning in April, can only mean one thing, the UK's biggest war game show - Salute.

After car, plane and train from Glasgow my first experience of Salute is the queue. And this is for pre-paid tickets!

In fairness, it took about 25 minutes to get us all in. Not bad given the numbers.

As I was flying back, it was more looking than buying. Also my afternoon was spent at Craven Cottage and it's a bit tricky lugging lots of wargame scenery into a football ground!

The strength of Salute is the trade presence. Just about everyone is there, including firms you just don't see on the show circuit. An impressive array of fantasy figures demonstrates more imagination than I would have thought possible. While MDF buildings are still popular, there was a continuous queue at the 4Ground stall, there wasn't the pervasive smell I noticed last year.

As for games, well there were a lot. Here's a few that caught my eye, or my iPad.

South American Wars of Liberation in 20mm using plastics.
The Lardies showing off their modern adaptation of Chain of Command
Steampunk pirates, I think.
Mightily impressive moderns.
WW1 Middle East
One of my purchases was the new Pike and Shotte supplement for the Thirty Years War, being used here.
Lots of Saga of course on their nice display boards
ACW using Longstreet.

Mega Waterloo

Very nice Japanese village from terrain company Oshiro

Drop zone Commander I think. Not my thing, but credit for the effort.
Fraustadt 1708, Great Northern War.

Shooting down a pretty big Zeppelin

I'm not into Sci Fi, but you have got to be impressed with this.
This is what a good 28mm WW2 table should look like. Plenty of cover.
I've forgotten which town this is, but looks good.
There were a number of games utilising snow this year.
Fine display from the Continental Wars Society.

Two photies of The Fort, based on Bernard Cornwell's book. Probably the most impressive game of the show.

And finally, the theme for this year's show - Agincourt.

























  1. To much games, too much sellers but not enough time to watch all. So, thanks for these pictures!

  2. This year I chose to visit the battlefields of Gallipoli, special exhibition in the army museum in Istanbul and Troy. The only problem was because of the 100th aniversary most places were overrun. But seeing this photos a trip to the Salute should be a must again next year!