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Wednesday 9 March 2016

Legionary - Gods and Emperors

My latest fiction read is the latest, and possibly the last, in Gordon Doherty's fine Legionary series.

I love classic historical fiction and one set in the Balkans is always going to be a must read. In this case the setting is Thracia in 378AD. A fateful year for the Roman Empire as Fritigern and the Goths control the region outwith the major towns and cities. Emperor Valens brings his legions back from Persia and heads for Adrianople. The Romans are heavily defeated and the Goths and their successors will go on to spread across the Empire as far as Spain.

The book follows the broad thrust of the campaign and captures the tensions and splits in both camps. Will the Western Emperor, Gratian, come to the aid of the east - or will the Gothic horde split up into tribal interests.

The focus is on a group of veteran Centurions who are drawn into the campaign and the intrigues of both emperors. The historical detail is well researched, but doesn't take over the story that moves on at a good pace.

An excellent read.

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  1. Also his series "Strategos" is a must. I like his style of writing too.