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Sunday 27 July 2014

Tour around Vis

This month's Balkan Military History features a tour around the Croatian Island of Vis.

I outline the history of this island that has such an interesting story because of its strategic position in the Adriatic. Greeks, Romans, Venetian, French, British and Austrian's have all used its natural harbours as a base for their fleets.

They have all left their mark and because the island was a restricted military zone, much of it hasn't been lost to commercial tourism. This is the entrance to Vis Bay, defended by Fort George on the left and Hoste Island in the centre. You get a real feel for the natural bay from this angle.

My tour takes a chronological look at the military history sights.

Plenty for the rest of the family to do as well, with secluded beaches, natural attractions and fine food and wine. The local Pag cheese is particularly good - my suitcase groaned with the amount I brought home!

It's also very good value as a holiday destination.

In wargaming terms, I am adding some British commandos to my 25mm Partisans. Bolt Action will be ideal for the small scale island raids the British forces engaged in. Similar scenarios will work for the Napoleonic period as well.

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