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Sunday 21 June 2020

More Oathmark lockdown painting

This week's lockdown painting was in two parts.

Firstly my Dwarf army was in need of some punch. Looking at the options I settled for some heavy-duty guys from the Mantic range. Not sure about the flat heads on the command figures, but otherwise one part castings, with no bits to glue on - or fall off!

I also added the general figure from this range. I'm not expecting much strategic leadership from this guy - looks pretty hands-on with that axe!

The Eastmark realm (sort of Norman) borders onto Malumter, the orc and goblin kingdom. So border raiding is common. This fortified house is just the job. It won't stop a full-blown siege, but it should hold off raiders. The building comes from the Noch range, which comes primed and is made from a hard foam material, so very light. Thanks to Mrs W for the birthday present.

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