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Saturday 20 September 2014

Game of Thrones - House Stark

Back to the Saga, Game of Thrones project this week.

I decided to use GW Lord of the Rings figures again, this time Riders of Rohan seemed the closest fit for House Stark. I know some war gamers regard GW as the evil empire, and it has to be said their figures don't come cheap. However, they are well sculpted and unlike a lot of historical plastics they fit together well with properly designed lugs etc.

I decided to go with the grunge look for the Stark's as in the TV series. The Direwolf shield transfers are again from Vini Vidi Vici. I have some banners from Flags of War, which i'll use with the command figures that are the next paint job

These are the hearthguard.

and these are a unit of mounted warriors.

I am thinking of starting a new blog on the perils of wargamers with cats. I left these outside while I got my iPad for the photos and came back to find the cat on top of them. Much glue required for repairs. More Grrrr from me rather than Meow!

Saturday 13 September 2014

Dividing the Spoils of Alexander's empire

I have had a Seleucid army for many years and I notice it is pretty popular amongst tournament FoG players. I can see why with its balance of quality cavalry and infantry together with exotic units such as elephants and chariots. However, my (and I suspect most players) understanding of the period was a bit sketchy.

Step up Robin Waterfield, author of 'Dividing the Spoils - The War for Alexander the Great's Empire'. It probably should have been called 'wars' for the empire, because there were at least four main wars and plenty of conflict in between. The period 323-281BC were filled, not just with conflict, but intrigue, diplomacy and treachery. Game of Thrones has nothing on this period!

Waterfield has narrated these conflicts well, almost in the style of a historical novel. It's one of those books you can pick up and read in short bursts, thanks to subchapter headings, without losing the flow of the story. Recommended.

A couple of units from my 28mm armies of the period

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Aussies in the Far East

Some reinforcements for the Empire forces in Malaya 1942, in the form of Aussies.

These are Warlord Chindits painted up as Australian infantry. The reluctant mule is a nice touch as are the native scouts.

I picked up some more Japanese off EBay, so that's just about the project finished. Of course there is always a 'but' there. A Lanchester armoured car would be nice and ......